Dear BIMA attendants,

We regretfully must inform you that, due to the current state of the Coronavirus outbreak, we have decided to suspend this year’s BIMA activities, and do our part to help ensure everyone’s safety and good health. We hope to see you all in the coming year and make music together once again! 

Take care and stay safe!


BIMA Venue:

United World College

Changshu, China

About BIMA

Bravo! International Music Academy (BIMA) is a two-week, tailor-made music education intensive for outstanding young violin, viola, cello and piano students from around the world. 

This musical immersion takes place at the United World College China (UWC), located an hour’s drive from the beautiful cosmopolitan city of Shanghai. Here, exposure to world-class artists will help participants further explore and grow on their musical journey, and set them on the best path to accomplish their individual goals. 

In addition to their studies, BIMA participants will get to experience local art events at which to share their own cultures, backgrounds, and musical experiences and ideas with each other.



During their two weeks of intensive musical education, each student will study with renowned masters by taking part in concerts, masterclasses, side by side chamber coaching, private lessons, and various other performance opportunities.

Students will also be invited to compete to win performance opportunities and scholarships in their future.


More than twenty renowned artists will travel to us from the US, Europe, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, and various cities from China to share their expertise with each student through day-to-day learning and music playing.


UWC China

We're partnered with the United World College, China, who share the same vision! UWC is a global education movement that makes education a force with which to unite people, nations, and cultures, in order to strive towards peace and a sustainable future. 

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